Why is speaking English a real advantage in the professional world?

Beyond being able to understand the subject of this article, mastering English has become essential to work, we explain to you why.

• English gives you access to a larger pool of information. Whether you are studying in a British school in Madrid or you are working as a Marketing Manager in a company in Seville, doing research or keeping up to date is essential. Well, English is the most used language on the internet and 80% of the data that is broadcast on the web are in this language.

• English will boost your career. Being able to speak English is one of the most requested skills by employers. People who are studying in the language of Shakespeare at an international school in Madrid or another recognized institution are more likely to access positions with higher responsibilities and develop their career more quickly.

• English will allow you to earn more. Although there are no precise statistics in Spain, in Switzerland, those who speak English earn on average 18% more than other employees.